Monday, November 17, 2008

Poe & Coleridge

thought've posting a list of usable poems/prose as dictated by the friendly h2 lit syllabus; copied these off dj qx couple months ago, caveat emptor, etc


- Pantisocracy
- To Asra
- Work w/o Hope

Conversation poems
- Eolian Harp
- Lime-Tree Bower
- Frost @ Midnight
- Fears in Solitude
- Nightingale
- To William Wordsworth

- Rime
- Christabel
- Love

Hill-walking poems
- Lines Composed while
- The Picture, or

Asra poems
- Dejection
- Constancy to an Ideal
- Pains of Sleep
- Limbo

Visionary fragments
- Kubla Khan
- To a Young Ass


- Stanzas
- Romance
- City in the Sea
- The Sleeper
- The Valley of Unrest
- The Raven
- Ulalume
- For Annie
- Annabel Lee
- Eldorado

- Ms. Found in a Bottle
- Ligeia
- Usher
- Rue Morgue
- Oval Portrait
- Masque
- Pit & Pendulum
- Hop-Frog

- Time & Space
- On Imagination
- Veil of the Soul

and yes i've taken the liberty of cutting the names off; couldn't be bothered to add on to what i copied down to foolscap.

all the better if someone could find the h2 syllabus online and do quick cross-ref?

also mr. wong said to check out the other jcs' prelim questions; he believes? something from the comparison section [ie. poe/coleridge] from ONE [undisclosed] jc will be very similiar to what we'll be getting in a weeks' time.

good luck! (:


Monday, November 3, 2008

by request from people who obviously are going to get A in math

Saturday, October 11, 2008


hello everyone here are the polaroids we took (:

and there are a zillion photos on facebook, if you haven't got an account go and get one you're missing out.

thanks everyone for a great two years (:

xoxo lingxiu

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

long overdue photos

kkaex. photos. not in any order.. just blindly uploading. you can participate in the add your own captions contest on the tagboard, free for all. o. and the photos in school are taken by zhixing (i'm not the only voyeristic person in class). yay. jia you for prelims...XD